Past & Present Ordering and Shipping Info and Company Policy
All your questions answered right here!

We highly recommend that you read this entire page before ordering from our site. We have tried to anticipate any questions you may have and give you answers for them here.

How can I place an Order?

To place an order, you may 1) send us an email; or 2) telephone us.   If you use email, please put the word ORDER in the subject line along with a brief description of what you would like. Please do not leave the subject line blank or use generic subject lines like "hi" as they will end up in a spam folder and we'll never see it.   In the body of the email please put the item number(s), quantity and color if applicable, your name and location, and your desired method of payment and shipping.  We will get back to you with your payment total..  Under normal conditions we will respond within 24 hours.  We are closed on Sundays.  

Credit card orders will be subject to verification. We ship only to the same address to which your credit card payment is billed. This is to protect our customers and our company from fraudulent charges. All credit card and Paypal orders MUST be insured.

Special Note for International Orders: We would respectfully ask that international orders if possible be a minimum of $30.00. Thank you. Also, with very few exceptions, most countries prohibit receiving jewelry internationally unless it is sent registered mail, and the international value cap for registered mail is $400.00 in merchandise. We can ship your items internationally via FedEx for larger orders, or orders that cannot be divided, please be aware that if you choose FedEx that with FedEx's insurance you will be paying quite a bit more than if an item is shipped via US Postal Service. We also have to make an 80 mile round trip to get to a FedEx location to ship your package.

What types of Payment do we accept?

Checks,  money orders, credit cards and Paypal are always acceptable from anywhere in the United States. Checks and money orders must clear before shipping.   Foreign orders - international money orders in U.S. funds, or US funds transferred by Western Union, MoneyGram or international wire transfer with customer paying all banking fees (now $40.00 on our end). Please, no credit card payments on foreign orders unless you are an established customer, as we have no way of verifying that you are the cardholder. All foreign orders must be insured.   Regrettably, due to Paypal's current policies on foreign orders, we are no longer accepting International Paypal unless you have a confirmed address and/or are an established customer. Paypal also now requires Signature Confirmation on all orders over $250.00, domestic or international.

SALES TAX:  Iowa law presently requires us to charge sales tax on mail order items sold to Iowa non-retailer residents at the rate that they would pay if they were making a purchase in their own locality.  (Editors note: this is considered "simplification"!) At this point in time there is no sales tax charged on mail orders to people who live outside of Iowa, either nationally or internationally.    

Is Layaway available?

Layaways are available on in-stock items over $50. Layaway items under $100 must be paid for in two (2) equal payments, the second due 30 days after receipt of first payment. Over $100 must be paid in either 2 or 3 equal payments, due 30 and 60 days after first payment. First payment MUST be received within 7 days of order (10 days for foreign orders.) No jewelry will be shipped until items are completely paid for.  Special order items must be completely paid for before the order will be submitted to the manufacturer.  

What methods do we use for Shipping?

. We normally use either first class or priority mail for domestic orders and first class/first class registered for international. All orders must be insured. 

Due to continuing increases by the US Postal Service, small domestic orders (under $75.00) will be sent by first class, insured, rather than by priority, rather than raise our minimum shipping charge, unless the total package weight exceeds 13 ounces, at which point it will have to be sent priority; the lowest charge for priority mail plus insurance will be $7.80 (priority minimum cost for small flatrate boxes is $6.80 without insurance.) Deliveries to foreign countries will vary in cost and method. We will be glad to quote shipping cost at time of order. We are happy to ship to all countries where the U.S. government allows, (with the exception of countries that have a bad track record for scams/fraudulent orders.)However, your purchase may be subject to import costs, which are the buyer's responsibility. Please do not request us to mark a purchase as a "gift", or ask us to insure for less than the full purchase price. We are presently using Shipsurance (formerly DSI) as our 3rd party insurer for shiping. Although your insurance will not "show" on the exterior of the box you are, indeed, insured.

What is our Return Policy?

We want you to be happy with your order; however, we cannot, unfortunately, refund postage costs. All returned merchandise must be in the same condition as sent, and must be returned within 3 days of receipt. Please let us know via email immediately if you need to return any items. Please return as originally packed and sent and be sure to insure on the return trip. We will immediately refund your money on receipt of returned item in same condition as mailed. Items returned after 3 days of receipt will incur a 25% restocking charge, and no refunds will be issued for merchandise mailed after 7 days of receipt, no exception. I'm sorry to take a hard stance on this, but unfortunately there are people who view retailers are places to get freebie rentals. ( Be aware that credit card companies charge fees on every transaction and do not return the fees when refunds are made, and instead penalize the merchant for accepting the return with additional fees.) Sorry, NO RETURNS OF SPECIAL ORDER MERCHANDISE.

Where do I send my Payments to?

Please mail all checks and correspondence to us at:

Past & Present 
107 Kossuth Avenue
Lu Verne, IA 50560-8817

Email us at : or .Telephone us at: (515) 882-3492 between 9a.m. - 5 p.m. CTUS M-S.

What do I do if a stone falls out? Repairs

Due to the fragile nature of jewelry, especially vintage pieces, we pack very carefully. Sometimes glued-in stones become dislodged in shipping. If this happens, we recommend that you take your piece to someone locally who is knowledgeable about costume repairs who has the correct glue. NEVER USE SUPERGLUE, and unless you are proficient in this type of thing we do not recommend that you do this for yourself. That being said, this is not rocket science and if you have watch crystal cement, a good set of tweezers, steady hands and reasonable eyesight, you can probably do it yourself.

Do we accept Special Requests?

If there is a particular item that you are looking for, please let us know. Our inventory is fairly extensive and we buy vintage and order new merchandise on a regular basis. We just may have what you are looking for but it may not be pictured, or very possibly we can obtain it for you.

We will make every attempt to place your special orders along with our regular orders when we order from various manufacturers; however, if you need an item quickly or have other requirements that necessitate us ordering your item separately, we will need to add in a service fee to defray postage costs of having your piece(s) shipped to us individually from the manufacturer. Also, please be aware that most wholesalers have minimum orders, so if you are wanting a small quantity of an inexpensive item, we may not be able to order immediately. Special orders must be paid in advance of our ordering from the manufacturer and must be paid by check or money order. SORRY, NO PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARDS on special order merchandise, as we are unable to make a blanket guarantee of delivery within 30 days as required by the credit card companies. Special orders are not returnable, please order carefully. Thank you.

What is our Privacy Policy?

No information about you, the customer, will be passed on to a third party without your expressed permission, period.  

Evaluations and Appraisals - We receive phone calls almost daily asking for over-the-phone evaluations. Unfortunately this is impossible when one cannot hold something in their hands. Also, our expertise does not extend to watches, fine jewelry and other types of items. In order to save your time and ours, we would respectfully ask that your questions be limited to items for sale on the site.

THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING PAST & PRESENT. We strive to make customer service and excellent merchandise our #1 priority.