Kenneth Lane (KJL)

For over 30 years Kenneth Lane has dominated the New York fashion scene. Socialites, actresses and well-dressed women in all walks of life have turned to him for just the right jewelry pieces to accessorize their clothing and compliment their appearance. Now, you can, too.

While some styles are stocked, all pieces are available by special order. Please allow 8 weeks minimum delivery time on special orders. Some of these pieces can be customized, so please let us know your preferences.  

SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS ARE NOT RETURNABLE. PLEASE ORDER CAREFULLY.Please be aware that KJL may have taken price hikes on items since we last ordered a particular item, and your special order price will have to reflect that hike if it has occurred. We will give you a quote before finalizing any special order.


Description: KJL-Suzy Necklace - One of the most phenomenal necklaces ever made.This beautiful piece is available in goldtone, silvertone or japanned (black) setting, with many clear marquise stones (I believe other stone colors are also available). A unique jointed design. The pendants range in length from 1.75" to almost 4". Adjustable hook closure. (Unsigned) A very organic looking piece.

Item: KN3-SuzyNec

Price: $575.00 US Instock as pictured, clear stones with black setting


Description: KJL-Suzy earrings - Wonderful with the above necklace or a showstopper on their own, these clips measure 3.5" long. This is the design that was worn in the wedding reception scene in "Sex and the City 2".

Item: KE3-SuzyEars

Price: $125.00 US In Stock! (Last pair at this price, new price will be $195.00)


Description: KJL Princess Diana Necklace - The style in which the late Princess was photographed  so many times.  Deep blue center glass stone, surrounded by two rows of large clear rhinestones.  Six-strands of creamy 5mm glass faux pearls end in a pave rhinestone connector.  Hook and chain closure.  Dog collar style, necklace will fit up to about a 15.5" neck, and is slightly over 2" at the widest point. 

Item: KN3-PrinceDiNec

Price: $160.00 US

Temporarily Out of Stock


Description: KJL JKO2 Necklace and Earrings - A completely different look for the fans of the Jackie necklace and earrings on page one.  Done in fake turquoise and fake coral, this makes you think of palm trees, sand, suntans and romantic evenings in a tropical paradise.  Wonderful for summer.  Other earring styles that compliment the necklace available upon request. 


Price: $660.00 US

Sorry, SOLD - available by special order


Price: $185.00 US

Out of stock - available by special order


Description: KKJL Bow Brooch - One of the prettiest bow brooches ever designed.  Three-dimensional; measures approximately 3" x 3" x 1/2".  Done in antiqued silvertone metal and pastel rhinestones in lavender, pink, lime, aqua and clear.  Classic perfection for spring. Also available in antiqued silvertone with clear rhinestones, by special order.

Item: KP3-BOW1 (Antiqued silvertone/multi pastel)

Price: $150.00 US In Stock

Item: KP3-BOW2 (clear/antiqued silvertone) Special Order Only!

Price: $150.00 US


Description: KJL Bow Brooch -More color variations of our KLJ bow brooch. Silvertone with clear rhinestones outlined with black enamel, or antiqued goldtone with clear rhinestones.

Item: KP3-BOW3 (Silvertone/Clear/Black Enamel)

Price: $150.00 US Temporarily Out of Stock

Item: KP3-BOW4 (Goldtone/clear) Special Order Only!

Price: $150.00 US


Description: KJL Let Them Eat Cake Brooch II - Based on designs of the French court during the reign of Marie Antoinette, this remarkable brooch measures 5 1/4" x 2".  Done in antiqued silvertone with all clear rhinestones, the bottom half is jointed and the entire brooch has 5 pendant drops.  Floral and bow motifs to adorn your décolletage. Available in other stone colors/settings and smaller LTEC designs also available. Please inquire.


Price: $230.00 US


Description: KJL Multi-Row Pearl Dog Collar in the Style of Alexandra - When Queen Victoria's son, Edward, married Alexandra, the beautiful daughter of the King of Denmark, Victorian society breathed a sigh of relief to have a fashion leader who wore something other than Victoria's mourning attire.  Alexandra was known for her long neck, which she often adorned with a multi-strand pearl dog collar. We are now seeing a return to this look particularly in wedding attire as a counterpoint to the low-necked bridal gowns that are currently popular.  This piece has twelve rows of 4mm creamy glass (faux) pearls, connected with four rhinestone-set bars set in silvertone.  1 3/4" wide; fits up to a 14 1/2" neck (extension chain could be lengthened).  Unsigned. 

Item: KN3-AlexDogCollar

Price: $130.00 US




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