Long known for their exceptional quality special occasion jewelry and highly prized  vintage pieces, Eisenberg jewelry is now avidly collected by Christmas jewelry collectors from all over the world.  Make Christmas even more special with a piece of Eisenberg Ice!.


For non-Christmas contemporary Eisenberg pieces, please go to pg. 9 of this section.


Description: This Eisenberg tree pin is one of the nicest of the less expensive trees. Antiqued goldtone set with multi-jeweltone rhinestones. 1.75" x 1.25" Metal on tree has kind of a hob-nailed effect to give an impression of "branches" between the "decorations". An excellent gift.

Item: EP5-518-74

Price: $17.50 US



Description: Eisenberg Red, Green and Clear Stone Tree - This is the same design as style 516-38, which was done in all unfoiled clear glass stones; this style combines unfoiled red, green and clear stones, set in goldtone.  About 2.75" by 1.75" and very dynamic!

Item: EP5-060-329

Price: $40.00 US

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