Dorothy Bauer

ATTENTION DB COLLECTORS: We have had confirmation that Dorothy Bauer is no longer in business. Whatever is left on the website is all that we will be able to obtain. This is your opportunity to buy pieces from this wonderful line at reasonable prices, as this company's pieces will surely appreciate in value if no longer available.


More Bauer.........

Description: Bauer Breast Cancer Awareness Tac Pin - These pink ribbon pins are done in blush (light) pink rhinestones and set in gold plate.  Each measures approximately 1.25" x 1/2", with the three row tac pin having smaller stones than the single row.  Your choice:  single row - $16.00; triple row, $40.00 

Item: DP8-160S (Single Row)

Price: $16.00 US

Item: DP8-160T (Triple Row)

Price: $40.00 US

Sorry, SOLD!


Description: Bauer Rainbow Pin - Done in multi-pastel colors and set in silvertone. 2 1/4" x 1" . Great for artists, gay pride, "Wizard of Oz" fans and rainbow lovers everywhere.

Item: DP8-161

Price: $44.00 US

Sorry, SOLD!



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