Crystal is currently a hot item nationally and vintage crystal is still a bargain compared to buying new crystal (assuming you could find the same cuts and colors) before you even consider the time and/or cost involved in stringing.  Before I got interested in vintage jewelry I had NO idea that crystal was available is such a wide range of colors and cuts.  Enjoy!   


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Description: Black Bead Four Strand Spring Wire Dog Collar Necklace - Dog collars (necklaces that stand up at the base of the neck) are back in popularity and this is a very nice vintage one! Black pressed glass beads graduate from 6 to 10mm, with the largest center front beads flanked by silvertone clear rhinestone rondelles. Approximately 1.5" wide at center front, this should fit almost any size neck except for an extremely tiny one.

Item: CN5-153

Price: $35.00 US


Description: Black and Clear Deco Glass Bead Necklace - At 21", this is not quite long enough to slip over your head, but since the honeycomb clasp works great, you don't need to. This uses a large number of components, from clear seed beads to clear and black glass wheels, to fancy cut glass wheels, a few black bicones, some fancy cut clear rounds, and at center front, convex black cone beads and a center six-sided clear glass bead with unusual faceting that is probably hand cut. I have restrung for your safety. Silvertone clasp has worn plating, but otherwise excellent condition. You couldn't buy the individual beads for this price.

Item: CN5-154

Price: $47.50 US

Sorry, SOLD!


Description: Black and Clear Glass Choker Necklace with Unusual Beads - I don't think I have ever seen black beads quite this shape before, and I'm not certain what to call them - eggplant? that alternate with clear glass barrel beads in this 17" choker. Brass colored honeycomb clasp, the clear barrels are flanked with a larger and smaller clear rondelle. Excellent condition with just a bit of wave to the stringing at the clasp that doesn't affect the appearance when worn.

Item: CN5-155

Price: $47.50 US


Description: Czech Cut Clear Glass Bead Necklace - Heavy, beautifully cut glass beads that graduate from 6mm up to a whopping 14mm at center front, that alternate with clear, good quality bicones. 14.5", this is definitely a choker length; you could almost certainly make this longer if needed by adding an extender. Spring ring clasp, original? stringing, excellent condition, and beautiful on.

Item: CN5-156

Price: $47.50 US


Description: Two Strand Vitrail Medium Glass Bead Adjustable Choker Necklace - Swarovski quality watermelon colored (greens and fuchsia) flattened round glass beads are separated by small black AB? seed beads in this phenomenal, sparkly necklace. These are actually "half coat" beads with a coating on one side, and the uncoated glass visible on the other side. Beautifully faceted, this could not be duplicated for this price. The shorter strand is 17" to the end of the hook/tail extension. The perfect pop of color for your little black dress.

Item: CN5-158

Price: $57.50US


Description: Rock Crystal? Bead Bracelet - I am not certain that this is rock crystal, but if not it is very high quality glass. Unusual to find a bracelet of this type, it is hand-knotted and the largest bead at the center is 18mm! (The smallest rondelles are 10mm). Large spring ring clasp, stringing is original? and secure, bracelet measures 8" but due to the size of the beads, will fit a 7" or smaller wrist quite well.

Item: CB5-157

Price: $50.00 US


Description: Pink and Lime Green Crystal Pin and Ear Set - This set uses all bicone cuts in pink, lime green and lime green aurora borealis.  Pin is 1.5" in diameter and clip earrings are slightly under 1" in diameter.  Earrings are marked Japan.  While probably not originally an expensive set, this is done with very nice quality components. 

Item: CS5-033

Price: $25.00/set US


Description: Smoky Topaz Aurora Borealis Crystal Bead Earrings - Done in kind of a comma shape, these earrings have been handwired into a pierced backing, which is then covered with a solid piece of metal for comfort and appearance. Clip mechanism, 1 1/4" x 5/8", clips work well. Very sparkly. Brown continues to be a great choice for both street and evening wear, works like black but warmer and less severe. Wear this with brown velvet and watch heads turn appreciatively!

Item: CE5-080

Price: $18.50 US


Description: Metallic Silver and Metallic Gold Coated Clear Crystal Bead Necklace and Co-ordinating Earrings - Long (24") single strand using argented (silver) and arumed (gold) clear crystal (coating only goes 1/2 way around bead). Small arumed bicone spacer beads. Co-ordinating earrings are done in all arumed beads and are done with a screw-clip mechanism that was mostly used in the 1960's. Earrings dangle about 1 3/4". Metallic coated beads are expensive, probably the most expensive of Swarovski quality beads and one of the most difficult to find.

Item: CS5-060

Price: $59.00/set US


Description: Pink Aurora Borealis Crystal Bead Two Strand Bracelet - This pretty piece alternates 8mm pink aurora borealis beads with 5mm pink bicones. Wearable length 7 3/8". Original clasp was broken so I have replaced with a push-in v box clasp in goldtone.

Item: CB5-107

Price: $24.50 US


Description: Rock Crystal Choker Necklace with All Large Beads - This came to me needing to be restrung, which I have put on beadalon, as original stringing was silk? thread but the crystals may have cut the thread (as many crystal pieces do.) This is unusual in that the separators are almost as large as the main beads. Faceted cushion cubes alternate with rounds; graduated in size from 5mm rounds and 7.5mm squares to 11mm rounds and 12.5mm squares. About 16" total length, older spring ring clasp. If you wish to have this restrung on silk with hand knotting, we will be happy to do it for an additional fee.

Item: CN5-088

Price: $59.50 US


Description: Czech Cut Large Peach Crystal Bead Necklace - Beautiful choker length 15" necklace with beads graduating from 6mm to 19mm. Substantial feeling and without the fleabites that are common to this type of piece. The color is "rosaline", a peach with a hint of pink, color is a little more intense in person than my monitor indicates. I have restrung this on beadalon for security as original stringing was perilously close to breaking.

Item: CN5-087

Price: $47.50 US


Description: Clear Czech Cut Crystal Beads with Black Glass Rondelles - Many people love black and white color combinations in their wardrobe and this would be perfect to go with (or try combining several of the black/clear bead necklaces in this section for a really dramatic look.) This uses graduating clear beads from 4mm to 13mm and graduating black glass rondelles. Barrell type clasp is coppery colored with signs of plating wear on one end. About 17", I have restrung this on beadalon for your security.

Item: CN5-125

Price: $39.50 US


Description: Uranium?Glass Bead Necklace - Citrine yellow graduating barrel beads are separated by clear Czech type glass rondelle spacers. Push in clasp looks relatively new but the stringing is perhaps original, though it is very clean. 16", the largest bead is 7mm x 15mm. Excellent condition.

Item: CN5-130

Price: $49.50 US


Description: Clear AB Bicone Necklace - A much nicer variation of this classic piece, this uses two sizes of bicone beads and separates the larger beads with goldtone wavy spacers. Better quality goldtone push in clasp is set with a clear aurora borealis rhinestone. Smaller bicones at the back are separated by goldtone crimp beads. At 15" this is a choker length. Excellent condition and a nice weight.

Item: CN5-129

Price: $17.50 US


Description: Red Graduated Crystal Bead Necklace with Barrel Clasp - A heavy weight necklace with round beads from 8mm to 14mm, separated by 5mm bicones. These are NOT aurora borealis, they are a solid red. Vintage barrel clasp, necklace is 18". Restrung for your security. Excellent condition.

Item: CN5-139

Price: $37.50 US


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