Crystal is currently a hot item nationally and vintage crystal is still a bargain compared to buying new crystal (assuming you could find the same cuts and colors) before you even consider the time and/or cost involved in stringing.  Before I got interested in vintage jewelry I had NO idea that crystal was available is such a wide range of colors and cuts.  Enjoy!   


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Description: Medium Blue Czech and Clear Rondelle Necklace - I love the look and nice weighty feel of these necklaces. This is a very pretty blue, not washed out (I have taken pictures with and without flash) with beads graduating from 13mm to 5mm, separated as typical with clear glass rondelles. Usual old spring ring clasp in brass, just shy of 16". Restrung on beadalon for your security.

Item: CN4-114

Price: $32.50 US


Description: Clear Glass Bead Necklace - Very cold to the touch and no telltale bubbles make me unsure whether this is glass or quartz, but is enough of a questionmark in my mind that I am calling this glass as it is not quite heavy enough for a positive id. Beads are beautifully cut in kind of a prism type bead (please see closeup) and seem to have a certain amount of magnification properties. Beads graduate from 12mm to 5mm, handknotted on white silk and finished with french wire. Thumbless clasp. Slightly over 16" and sparkles beautifully in the light.

Item: CN4-112

Price: $29.50 US


Description: Argented Crystal Beads with Clear Rhinestone Clasp - This single strand measures about 20" long and is slightly graduated. It is made up completely of argented (silver metallic) glass beads - the metallic coating is purposely done on only half of the clear bead for extra sparkle and shine. These are expensive beads to buy, if you can find them, and whether you wear as is or use to string into a different necklace, you will find these to be an excellent bargain.

Item: CN4-076

Price: $29.50 US


Description: Yellow Briolette Choker Necklace - Simplicity at its best! Circa 1940's? piece uses a think rolo type chain that terminates in two fat fancy cut pear shaped crystals. Color is yellow, intensity changes by angle of perspective. Chain is about 18" but needs to be tied to clasp, so wearable length is about 16". Crystals are sizeable, about 3/4" x 5/8" at widest point. Excellent condition.

Item: CN4-102

Price: $39.50 US


Description: Silver Coated Crystal Necklace and Earrings - Once again, this metallic coating makes it difficult to discern whether the underlying crystal is clear or a light black diamond color, but whatever it is, it is lovely.  The silver coating is on about half of each bead; all beads are about 9 mm.  Fancy clear rhinestone clasp (same design as bronze coated necklace) and an 18" approximate length for this nested double strand style.  Clear seed bead spacers.  Earrings are clip; while the style seems unusual for this type of material, they do appear to be the matching earrings.  $50.00/set

Item: CS4-029

Price: $50.00 US


Description: Tremendous Triple Strand Necklace Purples Pinks Fancy Clasp - Wonderful component rich piece with 3 strands, 16 1/2", 18", and 19 3/4". Can be worn either with clasp in back or at the side (please see pictures). Goldtone spacers, endcaps, filigree balls and beads alternate with Swarovski crystal in amethyst, amethyst AB, light amethyst AB, opal-y pinks and a few clear AB flattened rounds, as well as a matte bead in eggplant and a knobby art glass bead in a dark pink/purple mix. Push in decorative clasp is 1" in diameter using a marbled stone in dark pink/purple. Each strand is beautiful by itself and could be taken off and worn individually if you wanted to (adding your own clasp).

Item: CN4-115

Price: $85.00US


Description: Argented Briolette Earrings - If you like silver the argented (argent is Spanish? for silver) crystal is really lovely and this is a very complimentary earring style with a front and back dangle. Very sparkly, excellent condition, french clip findings. 1 1/2", silvertone setting.

Item: CE4-078

Price: $15.00 US


Description: Czech Clear Crystal Necklace All Large Beads - This necklace is heavy and appears to be on its original stringing but was well done and all seems to be very secure. Beads graduate slightly from almost 9mm to 13mm. Excellent condition, spring ring clasp is older but retracts fairly well. About 19" long.

Item: CN4-124

Price: $49.50 US


Description: Rock Crystal Necklace - 14 1/4" necklace has safety clasp. All hand-knotted, looks to be original stringing. Graduated beads from 7mm to 16mm. Beautiful, cold to the touch, excellent condition.

Item: CN4-159

Price: $54.50 US


Description: Peridot, Light Sapphire and Dark Sapphire Crystal 2 Strand Necklace and Earrings Set - Really pretty color combination that is as popular today as it was when produced 60 years ago. Necklace uses small dark blue bicones, larger light blue bicones, and lime green rounds, with the larger beads being aurora borealised. The strands terminate with typical clear rhinestone ends, and an adjustable hook and tail. Shorter strand will extend to almost 19 1/2". Clip earrings are done with peridot AB rounds, smaller dark sapphire rounds and small light sapphire bicones, about 7/8" in diameter. All findings are silvertone. Excellent condition.

Item: CS4-132

Price: $45.00/set US


Description: Red and Clear Faceted Bead Necklace - Graduated oval beads alternate with firepolished clears on this 26" single strand. The largest bead is approximately 1" x 5/8"! This came to me with the stringing broken, so this has been freshly restrung for your peace of mind. Silvertone spring ring clasp, excellent condition. Makes a nice companion piece to CN2-014 which has larger clears and smaller red beads.

Item: CN4-149

Price: $37.50 US

Sorry, SOLD!



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